Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strategic Life Planning Session 2 (100 BMC Southside)

As a part of the series on Strategic Life Planning today the 100 BMC mentees heard from two guest speakers.

Marcus Davis, co-owner of the Princeton Sports Marketing Group talked to the mentees about business ownership and what it takes to start and run a business. Marcus did a great job describing his background to the mentees going back as far as his early days as a grocery bagger in highschool through his college years at Xavier and University of Illinois in Champaign where he studied Sports Management. Marcus demonstratd how at a young age he instilled in himself a strong work ethic and drive to succeed, in school and early jobs, that was critical to his current business ownership success today. The mentees also learned that Marcus uses SMART Goals in both business and his personal life, as a tool, for helping to guide his actions.

Jenise Holloway, Diversity Coordinator for IES Abroad discussed with the mentees the college admissions process. Jenise talked about her experience as a young highschool student and how daunting the college admissions process was for her in the beginning. However, she set goals for herself including applying for financial aid and visiting multiple campuses so she would be well informed and prepared for her transition to college. The mentees learned that college admissions is in deed a process that should be started as early as freshman year of highschool.

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