Thursday, January 21, 2010

ACT prep (100BMC Westside)

Charles Miu from Revolution Prep hosted an ACT tesp preparation session. The session, attended by about 20 mentees was very energetic, with students engaged in an active discussion about college, how to get into college, and the importance of seriously preparing for this test coming up next in April. One item that really opened student's eyes to the importance of the exam was a comparison of the 3 key areas that college admissions people evaluate (on average):
Influence on Admissions The actual activity Actual time investment
50% ----- Time in/on classroom work (over 4 years) 6480 hours
20% ----- Extracurricular activities (over 4 years) 640 hours
30% ----- ACT Test preparation time (over years) 4-8 hours
So, clearly students and parents need to invest far more time and energy into the ACT exam given its importance to the admissions process, and owing to the fact that the exam is the determinate for scholarship dollars. More time and effort invested here translates to more opportunity and more money for students and their families.

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