Friday, February 5, 2010

Team Jeopardy Game at WVHS (100BMC Aurora)

For our Thursday, February 4th session, we engaged students with a game of "Team Jeopardy". This group activity enabled us to challenge student's retention of the topics presented and discussed since the beginning of their 2nd semester:"Achieving the Greatness in You", "Time Management", and "Habits of a Successful Student".
Students were divided into 3 teams, provided with signaling devices, and presented a Power Point game board which listed 4 categories (I.e., The 3 aforementioned topics, as well as a category entitled "Potpourri"). The board also included "Daily Double" and "Final Jeopardy" questions.
Our objective: In addition to challenging student's retention of material presented, we wanted to place special emphasis on the value of serving each other as a human resource, as well as pointing out successes which can be achieved when working as a team.

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