Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Macy's African American History Challenge

Macy’s and the 100 Black Men of America have partnered across the U.S. to host a number of events. In Chicago, the State Street Macy’s held an African American History Competition and displayed famous African American waxwork figures. 100BMC workhorse and Macy’s workhorse David Day was on hand to welcome the judges, spectators, participants, mentees, and mentors. Our mentees demonstrated those last second cramming techniques we instilled in them, but alas the three judges publicly slaughtered the 8-18 year old youths, revoking black cards by the dozen, …Oh the humanity.

As always, a 100BMC Westside mentee, Deveon, claimed top honors, scoring a Suede jacket and a Macy’s Gift card.

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