Thursday, April 22, 2010

“4 Men Only” Health Fair 13th Annual

The 100BMC partnered with Dee Clayton and Provident Hospital for the 13th annual “4 Men Only” health fair. About 300 men attended and received free medical screenings for blood sugar, cholesterol, PSA, HIV, kidney damage, blood pressure, and everyman’s favorite, the digital rectal examination. Which is 25 seconds of brutal, intimate, man on man contact, that made me reassess all the things I’ve done with past girlfriends. Candy, wine, and flowers now seem insufficient.

The 100BMC’s sponsorship of this event was due to a grant from the Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention
( For the grant mentees Deveon Rose and Shelton Wallace gave a presentation on “Media Pressure and Steroid abuse” covering pressure on athletes and the Adonis complex. This was followed by Chicago Bulls legend Bob Love.
Other mentees racked up more community service with crowd control and serving the free lunch to the attendees.

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