Monday, May 31, 2010

It’s over baby, end of mentoring party (100 BMC Southside & Westside)

We brought the mentoring season to an end at the Brunswick Zone, bowling, eating, playing laser tag, and video games. A giant thanks to all the mentors and volunteers at the different locations: Aurora, Michelle Clark, Saturday South, and Saturday West:

Aaron Travis
Al Demming
Andre Edmonds
Anthony Bennett
Darrell Davis
Eric Robeson
Hilmon Sorey
James Jackson
James Lexing
Jason Humphrey
Jay Matthis
Jeff Reid
Joe Hardy
John Anderson
John Kendall
Jourdan Sorrell
Kenol Thomas
Lennie Pulliam
Phillip Powell
Quincy Goldsmith
Rasaan Turner
Ricardo Spivey
Roderique McClain
Rodney McGee
Ronald Byas
Tim Turner
Tyrone Thompson
Warren McElroy
Will McNeil

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