Saturday, March 29, 2008

Present Yourself - Dress for Success (100 BMC Southside)

The south side mentoring program had an excellent session this morning called “Present Yourself – Dress for Success”. We had 17 kids and 6 mentors present. Chris West from Scholarship Chicago (guest of Kenol Thomas) also spoke to the children.
We began by showing the young men how to introduce themselves to a lady and escort her to a table. The kids really enjoyed this session and tried to “one-up” each other by showing how smooth and debonair they could be. The students practiced with Kevin King’s sister and were evaluated by mentors, their peers, and the honorable lady of the hour, Ms. Beryl King.
Next, we spoke to the kids about how to dress for success. Mentors asked the kids how they thought one should dress when going to a job site to ask for an application and for the interview. There was general agreement that a candidate should come to the job site dressed professionally. This includes a white buttoned down shirt, nice pants, and presentable shoes. Baggy jeans, sagging jeans, and backward hats were considered unacceptable. Chris West suggested that all students keep a nice shirt, pants and shoes clean and ready just in case a job interview opportunity comes up. The main advice from this was that “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”.
The kids finished the day up by working on their business plans for the competition. Business ideas run the gamut from custom shoe designs to mobile phones, to auto customization. Get ready to see these great business plans later this year!!

Mentors Present: Kevin King, Jay Mathis, Jeff Reid, Kenol Thomas, Aaron Travis

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