Monday, April 28, 2008

Business Plan Presentations

Saturday Mentoring Program

We had an excellent session on Saturday!
Our mentees presented 13 business plans. The businesses ranged from water purification to cellular phones to sneaker designs. As you can see, the creativity and breadth of interest of the south side mentees has no bounds!

The presentations were done via power point while the students were being videotaped. We had an expert panel of 6 100bmc members judging the presenations on elements such as speaking ability, knowledge of subject, and poise. The students presented their business plan and were then asked questions by the panel. The questions were very challenging. Mentees were asked about business operating costs, revenue projections, and sources/uses of funds.

The mentees did an excellent job and exceeded our expectations. Their dress and command of their subject matter showed maturity beyond their years. Aaron, the 8th grade mentee, had an excellent presentation on his bus company. We believe this child will be one to watch over the next few years as he continues to participate in the 100bmc mentoring program.The mentees judged to be the best overall will help host our May Gala and have a chance to attend the 100 Black Men annual conference in May in Orlando, FL. Stay tuned to see who is selected!

Judges/Mentors Present: Kevin King, Jeff Reid, Aaron Travis, Rick Spivey (and daughter), Jay Mathis, and Anthony Bennett

Thanks to all who participated!


Jay said...

Great job Aaron and congratulations to all the mentees who presented their business plans! You all represent the promise of today's black youth.

Aaron's Mom said...

I'm very excited about this program. I truly appreciate your devotion to my son and the other mentees.
Our Future Leaders will definitely have a solid foundation to successfully thrive.

Enjoy Gala Night.
Thanks again to the 100 BMC Inc.