Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100 Black Men Of America At The Inauguration

The election of President Barak Obama represents so many things to so many. But to African Americans, especially African American men, our charge as civic leaders, professionals, and certainly mentors and parents is especially critical. Our President made it clear that we must all ‘do our part’. He made a call to action for all of us to help renew the pride and passion we have for seeing our children educated, communities restored, and promises of prosperity fulfilled.

Watch this CNN video clip taken during the 100’s special reception during inauguration week!

Our work with 100 Black Men is more meaningful than ever. We play a pivotal role with developing and promoting the talent (young and not so young) to fill positions of importance in both the public and private sector. President Obama’s election struck a blow not only to the glass ceiling at the White House, but also opens up doors from the Board Room to the class room. So what does this mean for you? How can you do your part to serve and act on addressing the development of our youth and community?

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