Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet The Parents (100 BMC Southside)

Today we continued working on the business plan project with our mentees. Kenol led the discussion about knowing your customers and targeting your market via demographics and psychographics. Some of the mentees shared the beginning stages of their business plans and the group (mentees and mentors) had the opportunity to critique them and provide positive feedback. The group then discussed the SWOT analysis, of a business, using the 100 Black Men of Chicago as an example. We also continued the goal setting discussion and re-examined SMART goals. There was also a heated side discussion about sportsmanship, using the recent 100-0 girls basketball game as a thought starter.

We also had a parent meeting led by Kevin King. This provides the mentors an opportunity to engage the parents to discuss their concerns.

At our next session (Feb 14th), mentees are expected to bring a customer analysis (via demographics and psychographics) as well as a competitive analysis of their business segment.

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